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Lottery wins: do they always come in threes?

It is Sunday morning and so as usual I’ll share my thoughts and allow you into the inner workings of my deeply troubled mind. Anyway, I forgot to mention last week that I’d won the lottery. Don’t worry it won’t change me and I deserved a bit of luck. They say things to do with luck come in threes don’t they? I’ve had good luck and bad luck this week.


Christmas Lights switch-on

I ended my week taking photos of the Christmas lights switch-on in Wednesbury which was a great success. I must admit, I don’t like taking group photos, the odds of everyone having their eyes open is usually against me. I would like this switch-on thingy to be earlier so I can take some photos in the twilight so I don’t have to blind people with a powerful flash. I also got stuck in the traffic because it is held at the same time as the Friday night rush hour. I would prefer it on a quieter day. We did have thousands rather than hundreds of people turn up so it was a great success and we can learn lessons for next year. The main lesson to learn of course is, a lot more people will be coming next year…

Universal balance

Anyway, I won the lottery and the balance of the universe was upset by that and so I had to have some bad luck to equal things up. So my week started going down hill on Monday. I won’t share all the misery with you but by Wednesday I was really fed up and needed cheering up and so I went mad and bought another lottery ticket. Well, I still had my winnings from Saturday and you know me, I don’t waste money. I did treat myself to a bar of milk-free and gluten-free chocolate in Asda, though. Well ya gorra celebrate these things…  I had this feeling I would win again on Wednesday and I was right. It was only a lucky dip but a win is a win is a win. Right?

Traffic Jams

I hate traffic jams and I was stuck in that one on Friday but you try to look on the bright side. I found a place to park, it was on the pavement but at least I was reasonably close to the photographic action. I would have liked to have had my car closer so I could do lens changes but I went for a 105 mm lens and a blinding flash in the end.

Bad luck number three

Now my first two encounters with bad luck are too embarrassing to share but number three I can tell you about. After the photography I went to my school reunion and had a few drinks, I quite enjoyed that. I had another drink when I got home. Well, you get the taste don’t you? So I was less than enthusiastic about life on Saturday morning but life goes on. I dragged myself out in the afternoon to take a donation of food and clothing for the food bank. The green unit on the market was supposed to be open for donations. I struggled to park again and ended upon the footpath again but didn’t have to walk far. Now most of my bad luck up to now had to do with the battery going on my watch and it going slow. So when I saw the unit was closed I checked my watch out of habit and then remembered it was dodgy. That was when bad luck number three struck. I checked the time using my phone, it came out of it’s case and smashed on the concrete. It does still work, though despite the screen looking like crazy paving.

Lottery wins come in threes?

I had two lottery wins under my belt and these things do come in threes don’t they? I thought, win again and I can buy myself a decent phone. Not to mention a BMW… I had double the chance of winning with my lucky dip and a rather weak premonition. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to check the numbers and have every one of your numbers come out, one by one? Anyway, Casualty finished and there was the usual chat with someone half famous before the big draw and the numbers started to come out and I had the first one, the second  one, the third one…

I’ll leave ya to wonder how many more I got…. Smile

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