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Low light events #photography

I photographed the Remembrance parade on Sunday. It was freezing cold and low light and my shots weren’t the best I have taken but in difficult conditions, I’m lucky to get even reasonable shots. One professional photographer asked if I had got some good shots so maybe he struggled too. Low light events are more difficult.

REMEMBRANCE -low light events

Low light events

In low light to avoid getting dark photos increase your ISO. I was shooting in aperture priority and I raised my ISO to 400. I was using a 55 – 300mm lens and I shot this at F10. That gave me a shutter speed of 1/200 of a second to freeze the movement.


shutter speed

I’m still at f/10 but now my shutter speed has dropped to 1/80 of a second. You have to be quite quick at events and I would have preferred a wider aperture for this shot. You can see some movement is blurred but that is not a bad thing.



I want a good crowd picture to show how much support there was for the event. I managed to get the memorial in the background. I had changed my lens to an 18 – 105mm and reduced the ISO to 200 because the sun had come out. I changed the white balance for sunshine too.



This is Michael Hart, a veteran I managed to talk into posing for a photo. By this time I could hardly feel the camera, my fingers were so cold. This was a good shot but I should have taken it wide open. My aperture was far too narrow but I learn something from experience and I’ll try to remember next time. Aperture is under control of the thumb wheel so I need to change it for different shots and stop being so idle.

The basic thing to understand in low light is to use a higher ISO and try to take more shots at wider apertures.

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