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Low light with fast shutter speeds #photography

When you’re shooting in low light, your shutter speeds can be a little slow. I shoot a lot on aperture priority and when you’re shooting a landscape and there isn’t enough light for the right exposure the camera will slow the shutter speed. That is unless you have your ISO on auto, which I don’t. On Sunday, I was shooting in poor light as the sun was starting to set and it was misty. The conditions were good for some atmospheric shots. I decided to shoot on manual and watch the exposure meter. My first shots were partly into the sun. I moved around until the sun was behind a tree but even though my scene then looked quite dark there was quite a lot of light hitting the lens.

low light with fast shutter speeds


The sun was behind a tree when I took this shot and is quite bright highlighting the mist. I shot this at 1/100 of a second and watched the exposure meter. The previous shot was at 1/320 of a second but was a little dark when I looked at it on the monitor. Both shots were correctly exposed and I could change how dark they were simply by adjusting the shutter speed a little. My aim was to get a set that were atmospheric and try to bring out those shadowy highlights. I was pleased with the shots I got and took a few facing away from the sun which weren’t so interesting. All the shots were at ISO 100. This was one time when I didn’t need to compensate for the poor light by raising the ISO.


low light with fast shutter speeds

I practised my artistry by playing around with one of the shots in PhotoScape. I increased the exposure a lot and changed it to sepia. It looks even more atmospheric!


low light with fast shutter speeds

I cropped one of the pictures to get this and because it was shot at 1/250 of a second it is actually quite sharp. The sun is behind the tree on the left and very bright on the horizon giving that halo effect. I was aiming to silhouette the trees against the sunlit sky. It’s worked reasonably well.  You can distinguish the foreground from the background. I can even see the fence that is in the shadows. Shooting in low light with fast shutter speeds gives you an interesting effect.

Darkly atmospheric

That’s all for this week. You can experiment as you’re taking the shot by trying different shutter speeds and apertures in a setting like this and then experiment with the editing when you get home to produce some striking and darkly atmospheric shots.

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