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Macro shots #photography

I’ve been in the garden and because it is a little wild there are lots of wildflowers to photograph. Photographing small things like flowers with a zoom is called macro photography. There are special macro lenses that tend to ‘flatten the image’ but you can do macro photography with just about any zoom lens. I used my 55 – 300 mm lens.

macro photography


I edited this macro shot of forget-me-nots and added a frame to produce an image that might be suitable for a postcard. I used a wide aperture which gave me a shallow depth of field. I chose a shot where most of the forget-me-nots are in focus.

macro photography

narrow aperture

I edited this shot in a similar way but this was shot at f/10 so a narrow aperture to bring the whole shot into focus. Again, I was aiming to design a simple card with a pleasing image.

macro photography

Macro photography

This shot of a buttercup was shot wide open at f/5.6 and you can see the background is blurred and it has brought the buttercup into sharp focus. I used spot metering and spot focus for this shot. This is a typical example of a macro shot.

macro photography

Macro shot

You can see in this shot that the flowers where I focused are in focus and then they become more blurred as we go further away from the camera. The same would be true of anything close to the camera. That focal plane where everything is in focus is a curved plane at a distance from the camera, that was set when I focused on those small bunch of flowers. The bokeh (blur in the background) is quite pleasing to the eye but the really out of focus flowers in this macro shot doesn’t seem to add anything to the overall image.

You need to get close to the subject with a wide aperture for a macro shot and it isn’t just flowers that you can photograph. You can also photograph insects, in fact, anything small can be made to look big.

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