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Sometimes when you have an idea, you just have to take a risk and try to make it happen. Starting this website was like that and it is still going because I think it is worthwhile. I also took up photography about 10 years ago and quickly progressed to a DSLR and doing community photography. My latest idea was to have some art cards printed and put them on sale. I decided on 2,000 to get a good price and although they are selling slowly, they are selling.

make it happen

Make it happen

I’m not quite sure what other people do in their retirement but I want to make a difference and be useful. I know some people are content spending their retirement watching television and I suppose they have families and grandchildren to take an interest in. I don’t have children, so maybe I need other things? So I come up with ideas and try to make it happen. Whatever it is, this time!


I think if you have ambition when you’re young it never leaves you and you always want to succeed at something. Becoming skilled at something is part of our identity too. It is part of who we are if we have some kind of skill that we have tried to take to a professional level.

I think my photography is now semi-professional because professional photographers usually have full-frame cameras these days. I can still take professional pictures if I have a subject and some good light. I think I’ll end with some pictures. Which picture might make a good choice for my next art card?

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