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Making life changes #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. Sometimes you have to think where your life is going and start making life changes. I used to write a thrifty post and a finance post each week but my priorities have changed. Money isn’t so important and I think we all need to buy fewer consumer goods. We have to try to take care of the planet we live on. I hear people complaining if their wheelie bin gets emptied a day late. I never seem to fill mine because I consume a lot less. People need to save their money and consume less instead of living their lives in debt.

 making life changes

Art and photography

I’ve been thinking more about art and photography and I might buy some paints and other art supplies. My photography is quite good now but maybe I can use my composition skills to draw and paint? It won’t be easy but anything worth doing is always a bit of a struggle. I talked to a lot of photographers in 2019 and they are artists not just photographers documenting life in pictures. I think my journey into art is at a crossroads and I have to stop and think for a minute and decide which way to go. It is the same when considering life’s journey, we come to crossroads and have to consider life changes that might take us down a different path.


My writing has gone downhill and I need to get back into it and write some notes. I need decide on subjects to write about besides photography! Perhaps I need more inspiration? I do intend to go out more and meet people when the weather improves. In fact, I’ll be out today looking for things to photograph. I probably won’t meet anyone to talk to but I need the exercise and fresh air.

Another birthday

I had another birthday yesterday. I’m a bit amazed that I’m still here considering all the ill-health I’ve had. I have to think about making life changes to take into account more disability now. I’m getting used to it and I can now admit to having certain failings because of disability and ill-health. I’m learning to say, no! A trip to the supermarket takes a bit of thinking about now. Just trying to get a parking spot close to the door and then suppressing my natural desire to get on with it in favour of a leisurely stroll around. I try to think about the advantages of having known a lot of illness. I am quite understanding of other people’s problems and quite empathic. There is nothing and no one that I hate although I dislike bullies intensely.

64 Million Artists

I did the 64 Million Artists daily creative challenges through January and I’m signed up for the weekly challenges. Creative people seem to be the odd ones out but in that creative group the odd ones out were the ones who weren’t very creative and only joined for something to do. We tend to fit in when it’s a group of like-minded people but be the odd one out when we have nothing in common with the rest of the group. That is one reason I really dislike bullies, they can dominate a group and then everyone feels like the odd one out.

Making life changes

Anyway, making life changes is a process of evolution, it should be slow we don’t need a metamorphosis into something totally different. The important thing is to keep looking for that sense of calm that should come from finding your place in this crazy world.

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