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Making the content #ramble

It’s Sunday morning once again and so I’ll let you in on my innermost thoughts. It has been a week of ups and downs, as usual. I photographed a book launch yesterday which was interesting. I bought the book and it was duly signed by the authors and then I put it down while I put my camera away and left it behind. Fortunately, it was in the library, I had put I down with other books and pamphlets and it was still there when I returned two hours later. Anyway, I think making the content of a book and putting it all together takes a lot of skill so that was well done.

Making the content

Art competition

If you’re viewing this on a phone then the above picture will look a little bright. If you’re viewing on a computer then the definition won’t be so good because it will be at 72 dpi. The best way to see it is as an art print at 300 dpi and so I have had it printed and that will be my entry this year’s art competition. If it’s accepted it should be exhibited at the Richards Gallery (Wednesbury Art Gallery). I need a title for it now. Maybe Narrowboat on the Walsall Canal?

Making the content

Content is now the generic term for everything creative people produce whether it be a book or an artwork. It all generally speaking ends up online in one way or another. At least we publicise everything online and that is a skill that is underestimated. When you put a post up on Facebook you can’t be sure how many people will read it unless you are a page admin with access to the Facebook Insights. If you’re making the content and posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it even harder to know how many people you’re reaching. It’s the local elections now and I noticed one of my photographs has appeared on an election leaflet. The photo was cropped taking my name and copyright off and it was used without my permission. Stealing content isn’t a good idea when you are asking people to trust you. If permission had been asked it would have been granted anyway. They are not very good at making the content themselves and use other people’s in a way that seems a little devious. I won’t embarrass that candidate by making a big issue of it. I won’t even bring it up in conversation. I’ll simply forget it.


I think public accusations and attempts to humiliate can be very damaging. I also dislike name calling and lying and I will never descend to that level when dealing with people but I am becoming very aware of it in the local community. I also dislike the rumours that I hear circulating about public figures and institutions. I certainly don’t want to add to them.

Social media

I’m making the content for social media and the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook is still doing very well. I mostly discover and collate content for that page and I also administer the page for a writers’ group. I also have the Facebook page for this blog and the one for the Business Improvement District. The BID was another initiative that was waylaid by political wrangling. I’m keeping the Facebook page going and Twitter account and liaising with other people with an interest. Perhaps it will go ahead eventually.

That’s it for this week, making the content for a blog post can be as easy as rambling on for half an hour! If you would like to follow this blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar. You can also follow me on Twitter for links or find them on my Facebook page.

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