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Manor House Hoe Down #ramble

Manor House

I think I’ll be going to the Manor House today:

Manor House Hoe Down Sunday 6 September 11 am – 3 pm. Yee-Ha the cowboys ride into the Manor House again this year with lots of fun to be had. Have a go on the bucking bronco, visit the mini farm, line dance to your hearts content plus much more. There will be an animal show at 12noon lasting 2 hours, cost £2.50 per person, booking is on the day.

I need more practice of taking photos at events. I’ll be entering the Tipton Photography Competition this week which means another trip to Tipton Library to hand in my entry. The last time I entered a photography competition my friend was going to enter too, but for various reasons he didn’t and I was one of the finalists. I still have the certificate presented by the mayor on display! When opportunities come along, you have to stop making excuses and have a go. I have a few awards for writing, not great ones, but it all helps!

The sun is shining today and so I’ll have more light for my photography. It’s a good light at the moment, but I think by early afternoon, it could be quite harsh and so a warm filter might be called for.  I might be taking photos inside too today and so will have to have my Speedlight ready. I hope to buy a  professional one soon; I always want something new! Amazon doesn’t help by putting adverts on my Facebook page for wide aperture lenses and professional Speedlight kits. Targeted advertising is the way they sell products these days so I suppose we should get used to it. How long before we get targeted adverts on television?

I’ve noticed a rise on racism and nationalism just lately and I don’t really watch the news very much. I have helped Chinese students for the last few years and chatted briefly to one this morning online. She is on the beach in Hong Kong enjoying some free food. I often talk to people of other nationalities too and find it hard to understand why some people feel superior. I suppose it’s the same as the ‘upper’ class in this country looking down on what they regard as the ‘working’ class. If anyone is superior it should be the people who work, not the parasites who live off that work and spend their days talking or sitting behind desks.  It’s easy to hate people and incite others against them. I think the internet has exposed just how nasty some people are and we even have them in government now. They are deluded and can’t face reality. That sickness overcame 1930’s Germany and look what happened; a world war in which millions died. We have to accept and protect human rights or a holocaust could be the result of our hatred for others that we ‘feel’ are inferior.

Many refugees are fleeing hatred and war and see this as a more tolerant country. We can be too tolerant, we have a tolerant culture and should refuse to allow other cultures and religions that incite hatred to establish themselves in Britain. I’m not talking about setting up concentration camps, let us just refuse planning permission for synagogues, temples, churches and mosques until they can demonstrate they are not racist or evil. The refugees want to come here because of traditional British values of tolerance, they want to leave behind radical Islam.

I am admin of a local history group on Facebook. People look back with fond memories of their childhood days; of a more innocent time when we were less aware of evil in the world. At least we saw evil as something we had overcome in a terrible war. It never ends though does it? People thought hippies were a bit nuts with flowers in their hair and preaching a gospel of make love, not war; it doesn’t look so silly now does it? Maybe we could arrange for a megaton flower drop over the whole of the middle east?

That battle for hearts and minds was once the province of the churches, but they tend to lose their way and preach fire and retribution. War has destroyed people’s faith and the power of science has lured people into putting their faith in technology and medical miracles. There is little moral guidance, few people to preach the gospel of peace and love. Maybe we need a new hippie revolution with ban the bomb marches, flower covered Volkswagen cars and people living in communes. Maybe a cultural revolution where we put love above money, art above greed and compassion above self, might work better this time.  It was the young who led the revolution last time; who has the wisdom to do it this time? The old and the wise could use their knowledge and power to unite with the young to create a new cultural revolution based on values. What do you think? Are you in?

Manor House

That’s my ramble for today. I have to wake myself up and prepare for an afternoon out. Maybe I could be the spark that starts a cultural revolution in Britain. I’ll have to talk to people and see who’s in! If you see me at the Manor House, say hello; I’ll be the one with the hat on carrying a camera!

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