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Manor House St George #photography


I went to West Bromwich Manor House museum on Saturday to photograph the St George’s Day event.  St George’s Day is actually on Thursday the 23rd of April, but there were events last weekend. The event gave me lots of colourful characters to photograph and a great location.

The Manor House


The Manor House is a Tudor style building, with a few recent additions. I think buildings evolve and they do get additions. I quite like them, I’m not a purist in that sense. There will be more events through the summer such as open days and craft fairs. They do guided tours too.


I think the event was really good with the period costumes and entertainment. I even got to try some medieval food! There was a magician and a juggler too. When the juggler was juggling fire, one of the children shouted “be careful!” They really enjoyed it.


The children couldn’t try the juggling, but were allowed to try plate spinning.


For a story like this, set in a medieval manor house,  you have to have the dragon and a princess!


You also need St George, as the knight in shining armour.


If you’re going to try photographing events this summer, try to get close ups, they are far more interesting. I got the tree in blossom in this shot to  add to the fairy-tale illusion.

The Manor House is near Stone Cross in West Bromwich and there is also the Tudor Oak House closer to West Bromwich town centre. I’m now an admin of the History of Wednesbury Facebook page, so I’ll be photographing more places and events of historical importance this year.

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I’ll finish with a few more photos from Saturday:

2 Responses

  1. Hi Mike, You really captured the fun atmosphere of the festivities with your photos. The bright colours and beautiful smiles show what a good time everyone was having. I feel as if I were there!

    It’s hard to pick a favourite this week because each photo is so filled with joy. I will pick the Manor House because it’s such a classic English building!

    April 27, 2015 at 19:11

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks. The children enjoyed it and I quite enjoyed taking the photos. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. I even tried medieval food! I’m admin of the local history group and the boundaries changed in 1966 putting the Manor House outside the town. I was quite pleased to confirm the history was ours! I’ll be there again next weekend for a re-enactment from the American Civil War! I’m not sure who the good guys were in that. The winners I suppose!

      April 27, 2015 at 19:30

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