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Marginalisation and county lines

County lines is a relatively new term to describe children used as drug runners. They often deliver drugs around town and cities. The term county lines refer to the older ones who will deliver illegal drugs to towns in the countryside. These children and young people are victims of marginalisation.


All about the money

The young people involved in this trade just think about the money but it isn’t just about money. The drug barons running these operations often become like family to them. Their own families give them nothing but criticism and harsh treatment. At least their drug running ‘family’ give them money and even a new pair of trainers now and then. I see people complaining about teenagers tearing across the fields on scrambler bikes and up and down the canals of the Black Country. Where do they get the money for these bikes? Yes, those runs up and down the canals are often drug runs. They will even send a firework up to announce the arrival of new supplies.

Getting hooked

Young people get hooked on drugs when they’re in school. Sometimes it is crack cocaine but more often than not it’s cannabis. These kids have an abusive home life and are under constant stress. They have mental health problems and our mental health services in this country are in crisis. Kids who go out of control and become violent are often locked up; sometimes for years in solitary confinement. A parent recently gave evidence to a select committee telling them how his autistic daughter has been kept in solitary confinement being served meals through a 6-inch square hatch and having no social contact with anyone. Most of these children have some kind of illness.


These kids get into a subculture that is dominating and violent. Why are kids carrying knives? Isn’t it bloody obvious? They want to protect themselves from each other. This is a subculture that defines the survival of the fittest in the 21st century. These kids aren’t so fit though, they survive on poor food. When they have money it’s McDonald’s but most of the time it’s a bag of greasy chips. From an early age, no one cares about these children and eventually, they will join a ‘family’ that abuses them. They might have to run drugs or they might have to tolerate sexual abuse.

Less than human

These young people are regarded as less than human. Look through history, black people were less than human and traded as slaves. The Jews were considered less than human by the Nazis. These children are regarded as less than human and there to be exploited. Marginalisation creates these subcultures.


These problems are on those council estates that no one cares about. Where they don’t have decent healthcare or a decent education. We need to look at kids at an early age in school and look for signs of childhood anxiety and stress. We need to look for signs of childhood depression in infant schools and we need to do something about it.

The kid with a knife in one pocket and crack cocaine in the other could be the one that introduces your child to drugs or worse. We need to do something to help these kids at an early age.

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