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Medieval mayhem #ramble #photography

Yes, it’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I wrote about the saga relating to having a postcard for Wednesbury printed, yesterday. Since then I’ve got a couple of orders! This could work! I’ll need a lot more orders, though, but at least I can think about it seriously. I realised last night that my pictures were widescreen and although you can have wide postcards printed, it costs extra. I found the original high-definition pictures and made copies and cropped them to size. I’ll convert them to CMYK one of the days and see what they look like. I think they’ll be OK. Anyway, I went to photograph the medieval mayhem at West Bromwich Manor house yesterday.


Medieval Mayhem

Someone said the event wasn’t publicised enough. I do try to publicise things but since I have been having trouble with stalkers, trolls and other obsessive nut jobs I’ve been reluctant to tell people where I’m going. My photography is supposed to relax me, not make me more stressed out. I try to be tolerant and I always try to understand rather than judge people with mental health problems but there has to be a limit, especially when it starts to affect my mental health! Anyway, I did get some good photos and met another photographer who I introduced to a photography group on Facebook. I prefer medieval mayhem to the social media mayhem I’ve experienced this year.


The trolls seem to have given up now. Perhaps they realise that my tolerance level is at an all-time low. I have more important things to worry about anyway. I have another doctor’s appointment this week. I hope this one goes better. I might phone the hospital and nag them for an appointment as well. These trolls think they are the most important thing in the world and the world should revolve around them. It doesn’t and the rest of us have our lives and our problems to deal with. They crap in the pool and everyone else suffers.


Ill-feelings are contagious as are joyous feelings. I try to encourage people to make friends, start conversations and do things for their community. I try to encourage them to look on the bright side using words and pictures. I understand there are people who have very unhappy lives, mine isn’t very good either, but that is no excuse for dragging others down too. So life has been mean to you? Unless you’re homeless and starving – life isn’t that bad. Memes are messages that spread like a virus across social media. Many memes are meant to spread racism and discord. They are created and spread by nasty vindictive people, don’t help them spread their evil.

The medieval mayhem event yesterday reminded us of a time when life was harsher but simpler. In those days, people often went hungry. It is amazing how mankind can find good things like potatoes that enhanced our lives and gave us chips but the same explorers also brought us tobacco that caused cancer. Many of our modern-day problems are caused by illegal drugs brought to us from faraway places while other drugs ease our suffering. We can make the choice, good or evil.

That’s it for today. I ramble of a Sunday but not too much! As always you can subscribe by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. There are also links and pictures on my Facebook page.

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