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Memories of 2015 #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as usual on a Sunday, I let you into the inner sanctum of my mind and share a few thoughts. Today’s photo is of the Midland Metro that runs from Birmingham to Wolverhampton.  It was freezing when I took this shot last January, but it turned out quite well.

There was some snow too, last January, but that didn’t last long. I think we could go through all winter this year without any snow.

House guest

I have helped students with their studies in the past and one of them asked if she could stay with me before she went back to China and so I was clearing out the junk from my spare room last January too. She came to stay and her visit coincided with my birthday, so I had a little soiree to celebrate. I have to follow a gluten-free diet, so couldn’t eat birthday cake, but it was cool to be able to blow out the candles.

Yes, I took a photo of the cake! It was another occasion that left me with happy memories tinged with sadness. Life is never perfect, even happy memories are never perfect.

I have memories of going shopping with my house guest. She is Chinese and at least 30 cm shorter than me. For Sunday lunch, I cooked turkey and she really liked that, so we went to the supermarket again the next week to buy more. The local sweet shop is Victorian and so we went there to buy sweets and we had to go back again the next week so she could buy more to take home to her family in China. I have a vision of a family thousands of miles away suddenly discovering the fizz of sherbet fruits thanks to Teddy Gray’s sweet shop!

Did you know that 100,000 students come to the UK every year from China? They spend more than a billion pounds between them just on course fees. The fees just for the visas to come here are expensive. That is their families investing in their future.

I took photographs of my guest while she was here and I went out in freezing weather to take more landscape photos through the winter. I was capturing memories all year of the changing seasons and different events.

Then I became the admin of the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook and I had even more to do. I bought a dashcam for my car and started making videos driving around the town. I can shoot video with my camera too and I started shooting a little video of events with my camera. That’s something I intend to do this year if I can hold the camera still!

So it was a year of capturing memories and meeting new people. It was a year of using social media too and I ended the year by setting up the Zillion Ideas Facebook page!

I won’t forget my guests and I’m sure they won’t forget me.

Here are a few more memories from 2015:

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