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Mental Health awareness week

It’s mental health awareness week. Freud and Jung thought mental health problems started in childhood. Childhood bullying, childhood neglect and childhood deprivation certainly contribute to mental health problems. Childhood abuse can be a form of trauma that leads to post-traumatic stress disorder that continues into adulthood.

Anxiety and depression

There are serious mental illnesses that can be an exaggeration of normal behaviour. Aggression can be exaggerated and mental illness can take a form of rage. Paranoia is also common in many mental illnesses. The common mental illnesses are depression and anxiety and these are very common affecting most of us at some times in our lives. We need to be aware of mental illness and the causes and contributory factors.


We can all practice kindness and compassion towards our fellow man and this would make mental illness less prevalent. A kind word and a little understanding can make all the difference. That dark sarcasm in the classroom, day after day, can have long-term effects.


Please be aware that some people have the scars of abuse and need a little understanding.

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