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Metering and cropping #photography

Wednesbury Metro station

Many cameras now offer a choice of metering. The camera has a built-in light meter and so adjusts settings depending on the light. In this photograph, the light varies throughout the frame. It was lighter on the left where the sun was shining through from the back of that building.

On my camera, I can choose between matrix metering, centre-weighted of spot metering. I wanted the metering to even out the picture, so I chose centre-weighted metering. I find spot metering useful with single point AF (auto focus). I was using aperture priority on Sunday.

Walsall Art Gallery

The original of this picture was 6000 pixels wide and 4,000 pixels high, big enough for a poster. I have divided it up into squares of 1500 x 1000. If I crop one of those squares it’s the same as zooming in, although this picture is a little noisy. I shot it without a flash, indoors.

Walsall sculpture

This crop is 1500 x 1000 pixels. It’s a little bit noisy, but not very noticeable. When you are taking the photo, you can zoom in using a telephoto lens and cropping allows you a digital zoom in editing too.


I took this shot out of the window of the art gallery. I was using aperture priority with the auto-focus on 3D tracking. Many of my shots that were through the window were either spoiled by the window not being clean or by reflections on the glass.


This shot was out of the window and it’s different from the usual ones. It has lots of texture and there are patterns. The gap between the towers also gives it a little depth.

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