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Mirrors to your soul

When we look in the mirror, do we really see what we look like? I imagine when early man went to collect water on a sunny day, he would have been fascinated by his own reflection in the water. It  probably inspired the invention of the comb! Things like combing our hair or washing can improve our appearance.


Clothes too can make us look better and even accessories like scarfs and belts. But when others see us is that all they see?  We tend to notice all kinds of things, even tiny designer labels. People often carry the latest smart phone to make them look more ‘acceptable’. But once ‘first contact’ is completed, what do we see in each other after that? We then look at character and personality.


Our character, the values we have and our beliefs about the world dictate our behaviour towards others. Our character decides whether we are cruel or kind, helpful or unhelpful. Situations and interaction can also make us behave towards others in different ways. We might be courteous to other drivers on the roads, when we are out for a relaxing Sunday drive, but a more aggressive and impatient driver when we’re late for work.  What do other drivers think of us when we are impatient and aggressive?


If we are mostly friendly and try to get on with other people, they will tend to forgive the odd lapse into  negative behaviour. They might even be sympathetic when we are unhappy and miserable. They will tend to share our happy times and sympathise in our unhappy times, as long as we are nice to them. Few people will forgive unjustified aggression, threatening behaviour or violence. We humans are social animals and try to get along with one another. We respond to each others behaviour. If people are nice to us, we tend to be nice to them.

Mirrors to our souls

Yes, it is other people that are the mirrors to our souls. What we give, we tend to get back in return. We sometimes get into bad habits, just because of the environment that we find ourselves in. We are driving to work and we’re late. Should we drive aggressively to get there faster or take a deep breath and think about the other drivers? Can we make a conscious decision to begin each day by being nice to people. After all, if they are the mirrors to our soul, then we must be the mirror to their soul.  They have the power to make our lives better and we have the power to make their life better. Someone has to make a conscious effort to get the ball rolling. It could be you…

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