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Community photography

Monday Monday #life

Yes, it is Monday morning and I really don’t feel like doing very much. I imagine there are millions more like me, but we all make the effort. I’m going to rely on my photography today to get me out of trouble.


I can recycle some pictures, you might have seen them before, but maybe not all of them. Every picture tells its own story and says more than I could with words, even if I spent all day writing. I will actually start to work on tomorrow’s post today and hopefully, I can do some shopping and have time to go to the post office to send a parcel.

The Black Country

Here in the Black Country, the sun is shining  and it looks very much like it will be a nice day. I might spend the afternoon taking photographs. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to do more or less what I like in my retirement. There are some domestic chores that need doing, but maybe I can procrastinate a little and leave some to another day or even another Monday.

Blogger and photographer

If you want to be a community blogger and photographer then you have to realise that writing and taking photographs isn’t quite enough. I have to pander to my audience and the search engines. That means ‘engaging’ via social media and formatting my blog so that the search engines know what it’s about. That means these heading that I intersperse through the post are needed to send some kind of message to the  robots that crawl the internet. I also have to be aware of my word count too.  I need 300 words to satisfy the technology!

So that’s it, we can look at pictures now! You can follow this blog just by entering your email address in the space at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more ideas on my Facebook page.

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