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Monetize your blog?


Today I’ve started with a photo linked to the Rotary Club website who organise the carnival, it’s essentially an advert for my local carnival. I want to publicise local events and businesses. I’m doing free adverts, but local adverts could easily be used to monetize your blog.


I also have advertising in the sidebar, but just for this post and other posts that are in the category ‘local’. This allows advertising to be targeted on a particular group. You could charge a small fee for each category that the advertising appears in.


I also have an advertisement for a pub in the sidebar. That is triggered by a tag rather than the category. I used the tag ‘pubs’ and so that advertisement is displayed.


Widgets are displayed in the sidebar and you can just drag and drop them in the widget menu of the dashboard. I used the html/text one for my adverts. This is what it looks like:


I prepared my HTML in notepad and then pasted it in the widget box. Then I selected visibility to select category or the tag to associate my advert with. Then I simply saved it.

Creating value

It’s not always necessary to sell the advertising space on your blog. You could give it away or sell it for a token amount. Then you can concentrate on getting more local readers, perhaps by driving traffic to your blog with local advertising of a more conventional nature. I might try a simple flyer on the noticeboard of the pub. If your blog has traffic and advertising potential, then you have created value. Just the potential to sell space could mean you might sell your website at sometime in the future and make a capital gain.

Free advertising

I can’t promise free advertising for every event and business in the Black Country, but I will consider any requests. If I use tags the adverting can be quite specific to the name of the advertiser. For example I have used a advert for the Vine Inn, if I write a post about the Vine, then I can tag it the Vine and an advert also appears in the sidebar.  The most effective place for an advert is in the centre of the page, people can’t miss that. I might consider a smaller advert in the centre of a blog post later. I don’t want intrusive advertising, but I think clickable images can make the page look better.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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