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We all need to make money as individuals and collectively. We need to create wealth as a nation too. I saw the same old garbage trotted out this week when someone suggested Britain needs to manufacture more because that’s ‘real wealth’. So when pop stars sell millions of pounds worth of albums, that’s not ‘real wealth’?

I think as long as we produce something that people want and are willing to pay good money for, that’s creating real wealth. We have to try to do it smarter and more efficiently and that’s why education and training are so important. We have to pass knowledge, expertise and resources down from one generation to the next.

The smart way to make money was yesterday’s blog about working smart, rather than hard. We can also work together rather than being a divided nation as long as no one thinks they are superior to everyone else. Working together means each according to his abilities.

Tales of the unexpected was about those unexpected expenses and bills we all get from time to time and have us reaching for the credit card or worse thinking about drastic action like a payday loan. It is wise to have an emergency fund and be prepared for those unexpected emergencies.

We needs ideas and innovation was Wednesday’s blog and was on the subject of turning good ideas into money-making ventures. It was also about what inspires good ideas and innovation. We need good ideas and innovation to get Britain out of recession, but the ideas have to  different. We now need ideas that take into account the damage we cause to the environment, we have to think about sustainability.  We have to think differently.

Neodigital Art | Monochrome was about thinking about art in a different way. I try to create art using digital devices; a camera, scanner, graphics tablet and software on my laptop. I am hoping to go to an art exhibition at my local gallery this weekend. One of the exhibits by Damien Hirst is a sheep suspended and preserved in formaldehyde. I hope they exhibit his butterfly pictures too…

What is cognitive dissonance was Monday’s psychology blog. I find understanding psychology very useful in everyday life. It’s about understanding people, their beliefs, their emotions, their thoughts and their dreams. It’s about understanding ourselves and others.

That was this weeks blogs and are added to the collection of posts since this site began about 8 months ago. I am hoping to have more writers contributing to a zillion ideas soon. If you would like to contribute articles or photographs, there is an email address in the side bar. I have added a new ‘widget’ to the sidebar, courtesy of that will give you an estimate of how much you spend on those incidental luxuries like eating out, drinks after work and cigarettes. The currency is pounds sterling, but it will work just as well in US dollars or even Chinese Yuan!  Please comment and tell me how well it worked for you and whether your spending habits will change as a result. I did really well, but I learned how much my spending has changed over the years. I waste less and invest a lot more. In fact, of the things listed, I only spend money on the occasional takeaway food or an occasional drink while I’m out. I’m thinking of going out today, I shall have drinks in the car and I’ll eat before I go out. I even take food with me sometimes, if it’s nice weather and I want an extended afternoon out.

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