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More summer events #photography

Over the weekend I photographed more summer events and the first was the finale of the Wednesbury in Bloom competition at the town hall. That didn’t go quite according to plan. I think  the time of the presentation was changed so I missed it and I might have been told the wrong winner!

FETE (7)

Group photo

The rosette has first place on it so maybe I did get it right! A group photo can be quite difficult and I tried to get my focus points spread across the group. The other problem is people move and they blink, this shot was the best out of the three I took. I take a few shots and zoom in and out on the shots and refocus.

Jazz in the Park

This was the event I was looking forward to and I tried to get a variety of shots as the band set up. I mostly wanted to get close-up shots with a wide aperture. Those are the shots that give you that sharp focus but shots with narrower apertures of the band and of the crowd give the flavour of the event.


This shot has an intimacy that I like. It also shows of our magnificent bandstand.


Getting position for good shots was awkward and it was dark under the bandstand. I used the flash for most of the shots for additional light. The flash was controlled by TTL and so not a particularly bright flash and so hopefully not off-putting for the performers.


The weather was changeable and we did have a few spots of rain then the sun broke through and I got this shot which is a nice one of the bandstand in use. There will be more summer events this year and I hope even more next year.

more summer events

I used a narrower aperture for this picture and took a few shots. It isn’t a great picture but the message is clear, it was a popular event. Maybe next time even more people will come?


I wandered around in the interval and tried for more relaxed shots. You extra light gave me faster shutter speeds. I was shooting on aperture priority and adjusting the aperture for different shots.


There are trees around the bandstand which were a nuisance but at least I got some unusual shots and the whole band in this shot.

My camera also shoots HD video and so I tried to shoot some video. It was hard to hold the camera still and so I improvised and used the railing to steady the camera to shoot some of the videos. I did the editing with Windows Live Movie Maker.

You can see the rest of my photos and the videos on the Friends of Brunswick Park page on Facebook.

More summer Events

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