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More than enough for everyone #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and as usual, I let you into the dark corners of my mind and ramble about the variety of stuff that is whizzing around in there this morning. As usual, I’m thinking about photography and right at the moment I need a keyword for this post! I’m thinking, there is more than enough for everyone. I mean more than enough food to feed the world and more than enough oil because there is a glut isn’t there?

Ted says, there is more than enough

More than enough

Ted thinks there is more than enough food in the world and no one should ever be hungry. Did you know that people eat dirt? It is actually a sort of clay and they make clay biscuits which aren’t very nourishing but fill their stomachs. That is pathetic.


Technology allows us to mass produce food, we have tractors and combine harvesters. Finding and refining oil is much easier than 100 years ago thanks to technology and so we have a glut. There are so many cars on the road, London had to introduce a congestion charge. A 100 year ago, the supply of goods and services depended solely on human effort but now we have technology so advanced it can do much of the work. The Gross National Product of the United Kingdom is around 2 trillion pounds. Yes, £2,000,000,000,000! That is a lot of money! There are close to a million people who are actually millionaires. Thanks to technology we are a very rich country.

Lost our way

Despite producing more than enough for everyone, we seem to have lost our way a little. Despite the wealth, we aren’t happy. In Victorian times people had to work hard for a living, now technology digs the trenches and robots help make the cars and the majority of people have fairly soft jobs sitting behind desks. In Victorian times they put an advert in the newspaper, now marketing means television adverts, social media and global promotions. Despite all the wealth, there is still inequality and there is still rising crime and the two are inextricably linked. There are still drug pushers and there is more stress than ever. Things are changing, people are healthier and fewer people are smoking. The days of spending every night are the pub are coming to an end. We see boarded up pubs everywhere and the ones that are still open tend to have the last of the smokers hanging around outside. The days of the smokers are numbered and they know it; they are taking to ‘vaping’ in their droves.

Something missing

I like that TV series Victoria, it seems to hark back to a more civilised time. A time of polite behaviour and good manners. The Victorian era wasn’t all Downton Abbey, though, at least not for the working classes. The upper classes did have etiquette and so to a lesser extent did the middle classes. These days we see quite well to do people on television, swearing like troopers and even our members of parliament seem to lack the social graces. In some ways we are more relaxed, the stiff upper lip is less stiff but there is still something missing. Perhaps we need a new social etiquette? Perhaps children still need to be taught to respect adults and to say please and thank you? Maybe, we just need to recognise the need to be nice to one another?

Yes, we have more than enough stuff, but the stuff lacks value. We are lacking in values. People are more important than stuff and no one should go hungry.

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I’ll end with a few pictures from the wonderful Black Country:

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