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Morons and fireworks #ramble

It is Sunday morning and as always I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Too much! I’m tired and so not thinking as clearly as I would normally. Why am I tired? Because the morons kept me awake the other night with their fireworks. The morons are still spreading their stupid ideas about covid on social media too. They seem to think that making the elderly and vulnerable expendable is an option. Don’t they realise that they too will be elderly and vulnerable one day?

Snow at night

Snow at night

My photos of the snow last night are a bit noisy but considering how little light there was they’re quite good. I didn’t see the snow come down. At around four o’clock I went out and there was no sign of snow and when I looked out the window at about six-thirty there was a white blanket covering all the cars. I was going to go out and take some photos today but now I’m not sure with icy roads to cope with.  My tyre pressures were low yesterday but I think that might have just been the cold. A little lower pressure when it is icy is a good thing anyway.

64 Million artists

I’ve done the 64 Million Artists January challenge over the past two days. I found the challenges quite easy but today’s challenge is to make a kind of Victorian purse. It looks too fiddly and I have other things to do. I’ll read it again later and hope my lateral thinking kicks in and I find another way to do it.

Pent up demand

There is talk of pent up demand because people haven’t been spending so much money. I certainly haven’t but I’ve done some online shopping. I’ll amend my supermarket order later today for delivery tomorrow. I did order some clothing that wasn’t as expected and a pair of jeans didn’t measure what it said on the label. I’m not going to the Post Office to return them. Did I get fobbed off with a smaller pair because my size was out of stock? Maybe. Anyway, when we have all been vaccinated and return to some form of normality there should be plenty of money about.


I watched Casualty on BBC Player last night. It was fairly harrowing viewing and dramatized the situation in our hospitals. I did wonder if emergency departments were actually being divided to isolate covid patients from the usual ED patients. I suppose it would be hard to run two ED departments. I also watched Panorama this week which has followed the development of the Oxford– AstraZeneca vaccine. That was more hopeful and uplifting. Both programmes should be compulsory viewing for the morons. Now the government has to decide whether their children should go to school or not. I tend to believe they will grow up to be morons like their parents irrespective of education…

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