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Move on with your life #ramble

It’s Sunday morning once again and so I let you into the neural matrix and share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Relationships in a word. I tend to be fairly easy-going and try not to annoy family members, friends or anyone else but sometimes friendships can go wrong. We just have to fix them or move on. Some people carry a grudge and can’t move on. That has been my problem with one friend, who gets people to troll my Facebook page. My patience has run out now, so I just ban them.

move on it is spring

Not perfect

I’m not perfect, I remember taking this picture in a churchyard in Walsall and then I wandered around the back of the church and chatted to a couple out walking. My friend used to come out with me on trips like that one to take photos. On this occasion, I took my time and as I walked back to the car which I had bought a month before. I thought it would make a good photo. Then an evil thought occurred to me, I admit. I thought, my friend would have a blue fit if he saw the photo because he always gets jealous when I have anything new. He had already tried to talk me out of having the latest model. To cut a long story short, he did block me on Facebook when he saw the photo, so did his friends. That did affirm that I’m better off on my own when I go out taking photos, which is something I intend to do today. Sometimes, we just have to move on.

Let nature heal

Losing friends can be painful but when family members pass away that can be truly soul-destroying.  We have a healing process and the passage of time is part of that healing process and so is the fading of the memories. The memories are the scar and so we must allow them to fade, especially if the loved one suffered towards the end. Some people think it’s some kind of mortal sin to allow memories to fade. They seem to need to have reminders and take flowers down the crem every week and go through pointless rituals. Let the memories fade and move on…


Nature provides us with seasons so we get a bit of variety. Life has its seasons too and it’s no good trying to cling to your favourite season. I put my clocks on an hour this morning and it is pointless to try to buck the trend. If you refuse to submit to this edict from high then your central heating will come on an hour late in the morning and you’ll miss all your favourite telly programmes. Spring is here, with wonderful spring flowers and pollen that will make you think you’re coming down with man-flu when your nose runs faster than you can and gets so clogged you start to suffocate. It is the spring, try not to fight it, just move on…

Move on

That’s it, finished for another week. I’m going to the car boot sale this morning. I’ll wander around and take some photos and maybe chat with people. Do I need a friend to come with me? Nah, I think I’ll manage. I can move on.

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