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Movies Then and Now

A guest article by Fairy Dharawat

Movies reflect our culture and the collective mind-set of the times we live in. There are different types of movie and a few of them are inspired by true events. Cinematic adaptation of them is to lure the audience with a different reality.

Movies have always been a source of escapism from our real world. Maybe that is the reason we have super-hero movies making big money since the generation creating and watching them are the ones who have grown up reading about them in  comics.

Lack of Original Scripts

A notable trend for the last decade and the 90s is a growing preference for adapting books, comics, animation movies and even remakes in to cinematic adaptations. Cinephiles (cinema loving creatures) may miss movies with new and fresh story ideas, I know I do. There is dearth of new story ideas in movie making today. The 60s to 90s saw original movies entertain, but today there is serious dearth of original movies. Check out your nearest multiplex today and you will find either a remake of an old movie, a book adaptation or an animation movie.

Animated movies today are complex visual characters which are created to look as life-like as possible; Toy story and Tangled, for example. I enjoy animated movies, but do miss traditional hand drawn animation movies, such as “Princess and the Frog”.

We are living in the time when movies have never made as much money as they are making now. There is growing preference on technical and visual aspect over actual story and storytelling has been affected. But there are lots of classics that cinema lovers may enjoy. There is also an indie movie scene which improves all the time. So I think there is hope for good stories finding themselves on to the big screen.

Movies that created History

Movies made each decade reflect the state and collective conscious of that period. Movies like art imitates the times that we live in. So the 60s saw an increase in spy films which went on to create history like the brand “James Bond” and subtle comedy like “The Pink Panther” along with psychological movies and historical movie. The 70s saw movies which went on to extend the colourful decade with many movies that question the social fabric of society. The 80s showed the positive aspirations of the middle class population with a twist in the relationships. Check out the movies in these three decades, and see the gradual shift. Relationships or taboo relationships were handled with care too and that gave rise to discussion among people. These were best time for movies. These movies created a bench mark without realizingit.

Movies of 90s

The 90s specifically were about psychological twists and the future. Movies like Sixth sense, Matrix trilogy and even Fight club, Run Lola Run, showed the quirky as mainstream. We as a generation were ready to embrace the technology with open arms and look towards to the future with child-like curiosity. We were ready to believe that the future would be a positive one and some good times were ahead. We were ready to understand the movie business and show our craft which balanced the artistic part of movie with the money making with business part. But hold on to your horses as the millennium had a different plan for the movie world.

Movies of 2000 and Now

As millennium came there was a notable shift in movies. “Minority Report” shows that technology can easily be bended to facilitate the preparatory. And a surge for zombie movies – how grim can the reality get?

Since 2000, we have had so many franchises that aim to repeat the box office success of previous films. When a movie like “Pirates of Caribbean” has closed its chapters, the production house is keen to make another movie. Why? Because of the money they made. While a movie clearly needed a second part like “Hell Boy2” is scrapped due to no financial backing even though the movie “Hell Boy” made decent money. Both movies made money. Pirates of the Caribbean was made instead. Hell boy fans feel cheated. It was all about the question, which movie made more money.

Today book movie adaptations which are generally YA fiction (Young Adult Fiction) are all about a dystopian future. We as a generation have grown to enjoy the apocalyptic environment to have movies release on the same theme every other week – The Hunger games, The Maze Runner, The Divergent and so on. So it’s all about money. It was always about money, but now it is so obvious that it makes you cringe.

The movie industry needs new scripts and the place to look for those new stories in the independent market, that has grown phenomenally in recent years. Movies often start life as novels, but the paperback has given way to the eBook and many are now self published. We have a new breed of author, writing and publishing highly creative alternatives to the action packed, story impoverished offerings of recent years. Many new offerings try to shock the reader, such as 50 shades of Grey and are quickly turned into movies that are as badly made as the novel was badly written. Well written novels need to be turned into well written scripts so they are can made into movies using the skill of a good director and the creative talents of good actors.

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