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Too much harsh light #photography

I’m always assessing the light when I’m taking photos outside and I’ve seen some awful, dark photos this weekend. The weather was scorching and so lots of light but harsh light with dark shadows. I had a few photo-shoots. There were a couple of Summer Fayres at schools and then our Father’s Day event in the park on Sunday. You can’t do much about the harsh light except to use a warm filter but the dark shadows are a bigger problem. You have to use fill flash and it is preferable to use a Speedlight rather than a pop-up. I had to use a pop-up on Sunday because I couldn’t carry around too much equipment.

harsh light

Harsh Light

You can see how harsh the light was in this shot. I used the pop-up flash but I really needed the Speedlight and I needed to get closer to the bandstand. There is a tree right in front of the bandstand that makes matters worse. This band was great and I would have liked to have shot video too.

landscape (29)

Diffused light

This was yesterday when the light was more diffused by a little cloud. I wasn’t quite tall enough to shoot over the hedge, but it is still a nice shot!

landscape (23)

Brunswick Park

This is Brunswick Park in Wednesbury where the carnival will be staged on Saturday, the 8th of July. Friends of Brunswick Park, who staged the Father’s Day event, will have a stall and we will be staging other events throughout the summer. Our Father’s Day event featured Bethan and the Morgans, The Scarbelly Blues Band and Tom from West Brom! We hope to have them back for another event soon.


Summer Fayre

It wasn’t such a harsh light on Friday but under the gazebos, you still get dark shadows. I increased the ISO to 400 for this shot and made it a bit lighter in editing. This was a Summer Fayre and celebration at a local school in Wednesbury.



This was the Summer Fayre in Darlaston on Saturday. You can see how bright the sun was but the shot isn’t too bad. You can pick your shots and obviously avoid too many dark shadows.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your photography while the summer is here! If you would like to follow this blog and see more ideas just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. There are also ideas and pictures on my Facebook page.

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