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My own little gallery #photography

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? As always on a Sunday, I want to go out and take some photos but it’s a bit windy. I certainly won’t be able to wear my hat! This week, I moved out of my bedroom and have been sleeping in the spare room while my bedroom is being decorated. Work on that will resume tomorrow or Tuesday. I hope to turn my room into a small oasis of artwork. Mostly my own photographs because my printer is working again and I can print my own. I want my own little gallery.

my own little gallery

My own little gallery

I don’t intend to rush or spend a fortune on it but it will be mine; my own little gallery. I have a couple of pictures ready to be hung that I had in exhibitions in 2017 and 2018 so that’s a good start. I already have art on the walls of my living room which includes a Chinese scroll. That was brought from China by a student who came to study at the University of Wolverhampton. I hope to hear from her again soon. I hope she is alright and away from the spread of that virus. She is sensible and so will take all the necessary precautions. I might put some more pictures in my living room, that can be my own little gallery too!

Deciding where to go

I have to decide where to go this afternoon. I don’t go far. I haven’t been to Walsall for along time but there is a problem with going to Walsall and that is the traffic. The crowd that go to Ikea and the other stores on Axletree Way make it hard to come back home and the traffic for Bescot market can be a problem as well.  I often end up taking detours to get home. Even if I find somewhere to take my photos it’s quite windy today. Holding the camera steady could be a problem today. The light should be quite good if it stays as it is at the moment. I’llplay it by ear…


Photography is my art and as I’m self-taught and separate from the established art world, it could be described as “outside art”. It’s not really unusual, it’s like postcard art and my photographs aren’t too different from those of the other local photographers. I am starting to find my niche though.  I’m shooting faster and so get pin sharp pictures and I mainly try to photograph pubs and places people can relate to. I’ve recently started watching out for fish and chip shops and corner shops. I’ll try to find other businesses that are in the community that people relate to. Art needs to provoke a response. My photos of pubs and corner shops have sparked a response.

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