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My photography journey

It is over 10 years now since I decided to take up photography. I experimented right from the start and I’m only just starting to take some decent pictures. I didn’t do a college course, I just bought a camera and got on with it. I have gained experience but also knowledge from a lot of reading and watching YouTube videos. I have also been encouraged by family and friends. My photography journey has been one of learning and gaining experience.

Journey:  Narrowboat on the Walsall Canal


This photo is of a narrowboat on the Walsall Canal and that is the title I gave it for the Sandwell Art Trails competition. I don’t think it will win but at least it is in the exhibition. It was nice to see it printed because I only usually see my images on a computer screen.

Bridge camera

I started my photography by buying a Fujifilm S5600 bridge camera and I started taking fairly good pictures as I became more experienced. My early pictures of the Midland Metro tram and the newly built Manor Hospital were used by the local newspaper.


My switch to a Nikon D3200 in 2013 was the game changer but although the settings were far easier it was a very different camera and took some getting used to. The sensor is far more sensitive to light and so my first outing with my new camera in really bright sunlight gave me some terrible pictures. I quickly learnt to cope with harsh light and to choose my subjects.


That sensitivity to light allows me to take some great shots even in poor light but in certain conditions such as under fluorescent light it does pick up Ultraviolet and even infrared light which makes my images ‘noisy’. I’m still trying different settings to find out how I can take photographs under fluorescent light without using a flash and get reasonable pictures. I’ve considered upgrading again to a full frame camera but that wouldn’t solve the problem with fluorescent lights, in fact, it might make it worse. In many situations, I just have to control the flash more effectively using both TTL and manual modes. I have found controlling the flash is better using centre-weighted metering and TTL but I need to experiment more. You can’t learn that from reading, every camera model is different so you have to learn from experience.

My photography journey

My photography journey has included newspaper photography, landscape, events, family photos and I have tried to cope with each challenge. I haven’t tried wedding photography and I think that is too big a challenge but maybe one day I’ll be confident enough in my ability.

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