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My thoughts this week #ramble

Each Sunday morning, I allow you into the innermost sanctum of my mind and share my thoughts with you. I’ve decided on something a little different this week. I’ll still share my thoughts but a bit earlier than usual.

My thoughts

My thoughts

So what are my thoughts about this week? Well, mostly photography. It is the Black Country Horse Drive and this year it is for charity. They will be raising money for Birmingham children’s hospital and so I’ll go and cheer them on and take some pictures. So what else is different this week? I won’t have time to write this on Sunday morning and so I’m trying to do it on Saturday afternoon!

my thoughts on art

My thoughts about art

This is my entry for a local art competition. I doubt if it will be accepted but I have to try. The print looks great but I have to get mirror plates and screw them to the frame. The trouble you have to go to! It will look nice on my wall, anyway. Have you seen that movie, the Shawshank redemption, where he chips away for years with a rock hammer to make a hole in a hall and escape from prison? I have goals in life and I chip away until eventually, I get what I want. One of the things I want is our art gallery open full-time and be run properly. This is one of the chips…

Wednesbury BID

It is the Wednesbury BID (business improvement district) soft launch this week. I have no idea how that will go or even who is organising it. I’ll go to it and take photos if I can find out what time it starts! That’s on Tuesday.

My thoughts on eyesight

Next week, on Tuesday again, I see the eye surgeon and hopefully get my right eye fixed. That will make it easier to write my blogs and edit my photos but the lenses in my glasses will have to be changed. What will I do while they’re being changed? I don’t have any reading glasses that I can see through! This could be challenging. I might actually have to take time off from blogging! I do have distance glasses so I can still take photos but won’t be able to edit them!

The lottery

That’s it, that’s my little ramble for this week. I can sit back and wait now to see if I win tonight’s 15million quid jackpot on the lottery. Now that would change tomorrow’s outlook, wouldn’t it? If you’re on tomorrow’s horse drive watch out for me and say hello.

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