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Narrow apertures #photography #art

Over the weekend we actually had some sunshine and it was mixed with cloud and so it was fairly diffused. Direct sunshine can produce really dark shadows. I decided to go back to landscape photography and that meant narrow apertures and a depth of field that would bring those distant objects in to focus. f/16 and 1/100 of a second are regarded as ideal for many shots and I use it to measure how much light I have when I’m shooting a landscape. If I get better than 1/100 of a second then I can consider an even narrower aperture, if I’m slower then I can use a wider aperture, increase the ISO or hold the camera very still.

Shoot landscapes with narrow apertures


The slightest movement of the camera, even vibration from a passing vehicle, will make distant objects blur and if you zoom in the movement of the camera is amplified. Looking at the shot above you can see diagonal lines that give it depth but also trees in the foreground that the eye compares with trees in the background.

SUN (18)

Mill Pool

This is the Mill Pool, the watermill is long gone, unfortunately. I shot this at f/11 the background wasn’t quite so important. I think I have a sense of depth in the shot. Many bridge cameras only go to around f/8 and so a DSLR with its narrow apertures will get the background into better focus.

METRO (17)

Narrow apertures

I took this shot as the sun was setting and so I increased the ISO to 400 because I want enough light to get into the camera even at narrow apertures. I decided on f/6.3 which gave me a shutter speed of 1/100 of a second. The tram was stationary when I took this shot.



This close-up of the Metro tram makes use of diagonal lines to give depth and I left the aperture at f/6.3.

It’s good to experiment with narrow apertures and get some experience of shooting landscapes but for that last shot I could have used a wide aperture and got the tram sharper and the background blurred. I’ve even used a wide aperture to shoot the people and had the tram as a blur passing by in the background.

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