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Neanderthal genes

A Guardian headline I read this morning reads, “Neanderthal genes increase risk of serious Covid-19, study claims”. Apparently, a strand of DNA inherited from the Neanderthals can make becoming seriously ill from Covid-19 more likely. I’ve suspected from the start that those with more than a strand of Neanderthal in them are the ones spreading the virus.

Tighter restrictions

It seems likely we will soon have tighter restrictions in the West Midlands but people now have a mindset that sees them routinely breaking the current restrictions. They see them as guidelines and not legal requirements. The police need to get out on Sunday afternoon and stop a few cars and ask people where they have been and where they are going and issue some fines then publicise how many fines have been issued. Judging from the full car parks at pubs on a Sunday afternoon, a few might fail a breath test too.

Roll Royce

Roll Royce like many other companies have taken a financial hit during this pandemic and now needs investment. They have decided on a deeply discounted rights issue. The whole airline industry is suffering as a result of the pandemic and international travel certainly needs to be curtailed in order to stop the spread of the virus. The limiting of international travel will affect airlines, cruise ship operators and so on. Then there is the support industries, the plane makers, the engine makers like Rolls Royce and the shipbuilders. The whole industry needs to contract and the economy will just have to take that hit. The four holidays a year brigade will have to make do with one decent holiday every few years.

Job losses

Labour is warning that we could see 3 million job losses in small businesses because of Covid. We have excess income, discretionary income that we spend on going out for meals, going to the pub, going on holiday and we spend on live entertainment. All of those activities help spread the virus. If we aren’t spending on those activities we will spend on something else. We might even stash the money away and save up for a nicer house or a block-paved drive. Some industries are going to lose money while other industries will prosper. The government could encourage people to save but that isn’t very likely, we might even see negative interest rates. We need to get our economy on a secure footing where the people actually save for a rainy day and invest in Britain. If Britain’s middle classes were investing in the future of Britain they might be more interested in making it a success. If the working classes invested we might have less poverty and more equality. We need to encourage savings and open up the stock market to everyone.

Neanderthal genes

The government treats us as if we were all knuckle draggers with Neanderthal genes. It is economical with the truth and driven by nationalist ideology. The pandemic has at least made it listen to the science more but in the background we have Dominic Cummings and his disruptive ideas driving Boris’s switched-on positive attitude so that he never stops to really consider how bad things really are. You also have the likes of Duncan-Smith and Reese-Mogg pulling the ideological strings in the background. We have Neanderthal’s spreading the virus and Neanderthal’s running the country. Perhaps we should abandon testing for Covid and start testing for those Neanderthal genes!

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