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Nearly Christmas 2012

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I have started with a snow picture today, just to remind you what it looks like. I read this morning that it’s really hot in Australia. It was stormy here this morning, but the sky seems to be clearing now and we have sunshine. I have one of two things to do today and so I want a little nice weather.

It was the winter solstice and the Mayan end of the world again… I wonder if we should start celebrating these end of the world events. What would you do, if you really thought the end of the world was about to happen? Write a very short bucket list? Maybe we should all live our lives like this is the last day. It could be for some of us. Some people do live for today without thinking about the future, I suppose they are pessimists; I’m more optimistic, I save for the future. They say a million people will be getting payday loans after Christmas, that will make their situation even worse. Many will feel they have no choice and the cute television advertising with puppets that appear to be senile old people, help make the loans more acceptable. Only have a payday loan, if you’re senile, seems to be the message. Then you can forget to pay it back!

I have to go in the supermarket later. Have you noticed walking around the supermarket, how many people are using their cell phones? It’s all technology now. Imagine getting to the checkout and the checkout girl had to add your shopping up without the aid of technology? You’d be there until next Christmas. Imagine trying to make a hole in a wall, without an electric drill? Technology makes work so much easier and quicker. I can write this blog and before lunch it will be published. My blogs are read around the world. I’m amazed at the places where they are read, some of my readers don’t even speak English. Would pop stars; be pop stars, without technology? Would celebrities; be celebrities, without all the technology?

It makes you think doesn’t it? Who should be paid the big bucks? Britney Spears or the guys who designed and made the recording equipment? People make loads of money pressing buttons these days and they have no idea what goes on inside the technological devices that they use. I use a fair bit of technology, a digital camera, a laptop, cell phone and landline phone, but even the older technology is essential too. The washing machine, cooker, television, stereo and electric kettle might seem mundane now, but they were hot items once.

What do you suppose will come next, what will be the hot tech items in 2013? I think smart phones that will talk to other devices are the future and we are moving towards being able to phone up a super computer when we need something.

We have had some failures. The economic model on the Bank of England’s computer hasn’t been a complete success. We do need some technological devices that will enable the bankers, economists and politicians to do their jobs better. Maybe a super computer that can tell a Tory politician that a few billion saved by cutting benefits is a drop in the ocean compared to the 375 billions the Bank of England ‘printed’ as part of it’s quantitative easing programme.

We might even see robots as new tools in a few years time. I think they will be remote controlled and controlled by super computers, so we have to perfect the super computers first. In the next century, future generations could be faced with robots wanting the vote. Robots demanding the right to pay taxes even. Would the government stop benefits for any robots that didn’t have a job? Stop charging their batteries? Can you imagine multi million pounds robots that are put on the scrap heap just because they are a few years old and have a few rust spots? We could have benefit scrounging robots in the next century; I’m glad I won’t be here.

You can still read my Christmas story for 2012, it’s an amusing story about lonely people finding one another. Please come back and comment and tell me what you think of it. Would you like more free stories to read?

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