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Some people don’t really understand what writing is all about. It is about crafting words into a message and usually we are trying to sell an idea. It might be an idea to fire the imagination of the reader so they believe or half believe our story to be true. Sometimes, the message is different, we are selling a product or service or in the case of a résumé; we could be selling a person. At the very least we are selling the belief in that person as a potential employee. So do you need something writing? I might just write it for you for free!

I don’t offer to do something for nothing very often, but as this site doesn’t have that many readers, I thought I would make an offer. I have written all sorts of things, articles for electronics magazines, blogs on  a variety of subjects, résumés, advertising and even business plans. I do need an idea to write from though; unless that is your problem, you need an idea? If you have a problem, you can explain that to me and let me try to come up with an idea in writing. This site is called A Zillion Ideas!

I will do some writing for free for the first person to email me a request to the address on the right, in the side bar. It could be a résumé, to help you get a job. In which case I’ll need details of your education, past employment, hobbies and interests and a little about yourself, who you live with, for example. I would also consider a guest blog, advertising copy or whatever you can come up with to challenge me. Just give me the information I need to write for you. I’ll write for the first person to send me a sensible request. I expect it to be between 500 and 1,000 words and I might even throw in a photograph if you ask for one.

I also need writers for this website and so if you have an idea to share and can express it in words, you can be a guest blogger! Send your contribution written with Microsoft Word, preferably and with any photos attached, to the email address in the side bar on the right. This is a good opportunity for writers needing experience, because I will do the editing and error correction. You can write on any one of a variety of subjects, just stick the the main theme, which is ideas. The guest blog yesterday was good ideas about attractive packaging and that was a good subject.

You should send your email as soon as possible if you want me to write for you; it’s first come, first served. I might decide to do more than one project though and so don’t be put off. The project can be for you personally, your business or your company. If you’re looking for a paid writer and want a free sample; that would be even better. Give me as much information about what you’re looking for and what you need as soon as possible.

So get emailing.

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