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The need for kindness #timetotalk

It is Time to Talk Day, an initiative from Mind and Rethink mental health charities. Mental health provision is in crisis and we need to do something to change things. I think we all need to be less confrontational, less competitive and try to introduce kindness, consideration and understanding into our lives. Anxiety and depression are at epidemic levels in our urban areas and loneliness is a big problem in more isolated communities too. There is a need for kindness in every community.

The need for kindness

I am very interested in art and creative pursuits and I think they can be useful in healthcare settings. People become very stressed when they are admitted to hospital and people with mental health problems experience discrimination in the hospital when they need help with physical problems. Doctors and nurses need to remember that patients need kindness and reassurance when they are in what can feel like a very alien environment. Patients don’t like to complain but they will ask when they can go home and display signs of cognitive dissonance. They are torn between wanting to get well and their instinctive need for the reassurance of an environment they feel safe in; their home.

The need for kindness

We can recognise the need for kindness in our everyday lives and do our best to support others. We need money to live but money shouldn’t be our first priority. We shouldn’t turn our lives into a rat race to see who will survive and who will not. I’m talking about mental survival. There are those who think that just the strong should survive and the weak should hide away. We are all weak at some time in our lives and we all need help at sometime in our lives. Fear is an emotion that we all possess. You can put on a brave face but there will come a time when you can’t fight and you can’t run away. That is the time when cognitive dissonance will tear you apart and you will need to talk and you will need support. Please understand that now.

Time for change

It is time for a change. Attitudes must change. It is acceptable to feel depressed or anxious. It is acceptable to need help. It is acceptable to talk about your problems. What is not acceptable is to point the finger at people who aren’t coping very well and stigmatising them with your harsh words. We are all equal and it is not acceptable to treat someone as less of a person. It is not acceptable to marginalise people and refuse to even acknowledge them because they are going through a difficult time. Don’t kick them while they’re down, offer them a hand up. Don’t marginalise them, include them.

I hope today’s post will make you stop for a moment and think. I hope you will make an effort to be kinder.  To avoid labelling people and name calling and to avoid judging people when you simply don’t know enough about their lives to do that. Remember, that need for kindness.

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