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Neodigital Art and photography

scene at Aldridge

I took this shot with my Nikon D3200. I think it might have been better with my Fujifilm S5600. I get less definition, but seem to get more colour separation. I can make this lighter so the trees aren’t so dark; but then I lose the blue sky and the sunlight reflecting off the yellow field. The edit always has to be a compromise.


This is another picture where I wanted more colour separation. I think this one would have been better shot with the Fuji too. The best results don’t always come with a more expensive camera.

The White House pub

The Nikon is better when it can focus on a more definite subject, like a building. It’s also much better in low light.


When the colours are less subtle, the separation isn’t a problem. The bright colours work in this scene too.

Nice scene at Aldridge

I took this shot at the same time as the first one, but the angle is different and the sun wasn’t quite so bright. I have better colours and more colour separation. I was able to make this image a little lighter in editing too.

Which is your favourite picture? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. The editing was done with Windows Live Photo gallery and I used Paint to resize the pictures for the web.

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