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East Park Lodge, Wolverhampton

I’m still looking for a suitable image to edit that I can enter in an exhibition. It will probably be a summer exhibition and so I don’t want anything too depressing.  I’ve started taking more photos of buildings rather than landscapes. The Nikon D3200 seems more suited to buildings; it focuses better on a defined subject.

The Oak House West Bromwich

The Oak House is a Tudor Manor house in West Bromwich. We were driving past and so stopped to take a photo. I hope to go back and photograph the barns and maybe photograph the inside again with the Nikon at a higher resolution.

The Public

This is the Public in West Bromwich; I’m not a fan. It’s that big that I only got half of it on the photo. It cost around 70,000,000 pounds. It was showing off. It was meant to bring in tourism and commissioned and designed by people who don’t understand that tourism which involves travel, is not environmentally friendly. If they were concerned about the environment they wouldn’t put a horrible pink box at the end of the High Street.

Prezzo New Street West Bromwich

I’m not against modern buildings. I think this one looks quite good. I imagine it could be evacuated quite quickly in an emergency too.

What do you like? Old or new buildings? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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