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Neodigital Art and photography

1 arches of bridge

Art is subjective, everyone likes different things. We tend to find patterns interesting and have a common view of what is beauty. Other things affect our perceptions, that are often deep within our memory. A scene might remind us of our childhood for example; but whatever it is, it must evoke an emotional response. Art is about emotion. It’s not logical, it’s emotional.

Images on a computer are displayed at 72 dpi (dots per inch) and so compact cameras and bridge cameras will be fine for capturing those images. Printers print at 300 dpi and so for prints such as those you might see in an art gallery or for a print on a quality calendar you need the 300 dpi that a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) gives. A DSLR can also give you different sizes of images. My Nikon D3200 will go to around 6,000 pixels by 4,000 pixels which will give an image that will enlarge to 30 inches wide with very good definition. Even at 3,000 pixels wide the definition is acceptable.  Some bridge cameras will give you 180 dpi and so they will enlarge to 30 inches wide, but with not quite the definition of a DSLR.

You usually want a crisp image with not even the slightest blur. Most DSLR’s have some sort of vibration reduction system. Most Nikon lenses have VR (vibration reduction). This is particularly important if you zoom in on a subject. The speed of the camera too will help prevent blur due to camera shake. A fast speed in good light can be a thousandth of a second.

1 River Tame and Forge Mill Lake

You have to start by taking a photograph. I took this one on Sunday. I had several problems taking the picture. The sun kept going behind a black cloud, then the scene kept changing as people walked in and out of the shot. It was very cold and so shivering and camera shake was a problem. The light was constantly changing and so I let the camera decide on the settings. I took some shots with it set on landscape and some on the sports setting that is faster. This image was on the sports setting and it has made the people in the picture appear still rather than blurred. The water too was moving. I waited for the sun to come out and highlight the reeds on the far side of the lake.

Why not try taking some landscapes yourself? You can edit them with Windows Live Photo Gallery and add contrast if they need it. Adding highlights also improves many photos. You can follow this blog by entering your email address in the sidebar or comment and tick the box. Please share on Facebook too, I need more readers. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates on all my blog posts. Today’s pictures were taken in Sandwell Valley in the heart of the Black Country (England).

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