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Neodigital Art | Apertures

aperture 006


Last week, I described apertures as being like a doorway. The wider the door is open the more light gets in. The settings on my camera are between F3.2 and F8 and these are called stops. Imagine a stop behind a door that stops it opening too far; the bigger the stop, the less it opens. So a stop of F8 is a small aperture and lets in less light and a stop of 3.2 is a large aperture and lets in lots of light. In this picture I had a aperture of 3.2 to let in lots of light being reflected off the berries and if you look carefully you will also so it was reflected off the spider’s web behind the berries. The depth of field is short though and so the background is out of focus.


Too much light

I took this picture with a narrow aperture too, but it’s not quite right. The background is out of focus and the flowers are in focus, but they are white. The white flowers reflect too much light into a camera with a wide aperture, letting in lots of light. They aren’t quite clear enough. 


Narrow aperture

This is on the same day as the previous picture and taken last August on a bright sunny day. Even though this is taken with a narrow aperture, we have good depth of field and the whole picture is in focus. The light reflects well off the darker colours and reflects off the clouds to give a reflection on the water.

Walsall 054

The weather dictates the light

The weather largely dictates the light and so the next week, after the rain, the light wasn’t so good. This was taken from the other end of the lake and is a much darker picture and the narrow aperture makes it even darker, but it’s needed to get that depth of field needed for a landscape.

Walsall 061

This is the same day but from the other end of the lake and so now the sun is behind me and reflecting better off the trees. The ducks still look quite dark though.

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