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Darlaston is a local town with quite a few Victorian buildings, so we wandered around there a couple of years ago taking a few photos. These pictures can be edited and the ‘modern’ things taken out to give the picture a real Victorian look.

This is the original photograph taken by Simon James:

Around Darlaston Monday 26 July 2011 (6)

This photo is quite dark and atmospheric. It was a very warm and sunny day, but the shot was into the sun and I think the sun was behind that building and so there are lots of shadows. That’s me crossing the road on the left. I wanted a shot from farther up the street! I know it was very warm that day, because I was wearing a tee shirt.

Around Darlaston Monday 26 July 2011 EDIT

This is the same shot with contrast added and made lighter. I think each picture has a different mood.


This is an interesting shot, because Simon’s camera has more definition than mine. I added contrast to the shot, but it’s still slightly blurred. Lack of contrast is a problem with bridge cameras and smaller cameras. The image can lose sharpness because of camera shake, poor quality lens and vibration.

Bradley 010

This is one of my recent pictures and you can see the bark on the tree, but the figure in the background is hardly noticeable. Definition for landscape shots isn’t very important, you can still get a pleasing photo. You do need more definition for pictures of people though. The definition of the camera is in megapixels and the higher ones are better. The better quality lenses make a difference and you can also try to reduce camera shake and vibration. Just leaning against something can reduce camera shake. Of course, you can use a tripod for really sharp pictures.

I will be looking more at getting sharper picture in future posts, probably starting next week; if I get a few shots with my new camera before then. Yes, I have a new camera on order with about 5 times the definition that my present camera has, so I can review that and do all sorts of fancy shots! The pictures should enlarge much better too.

Please share you thoughts in the comments box. You can ask questions too!

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