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Neodigital Art | Artistic editing


I can’t remember when I took this photo. I think it was the summer of 2011. I do remember having to take it through chain-link fencing. I have edited it again using PhotoScape using a watercolour option. It looks quite artistic now.

2013-02-14 WOT 3 EDIT Bloom

Carolyn over at Wonder of Tech, send me some snow pictures of trees to edit. They were a little dark and so I added contrast and made them lighter. The main problem was they didn’t seem to have much depth. This picture has snow in the foreground and so I added some text and it gives it a little depth. There is an option on Photoscape called ‘bloom’ that appears to bring out the lighter pixels in the picture, probably by making them larger or a little blurred. I used that option in this picture to make it look like there was more snow on the trees. It looks a little blurred, but I think it works.


This is another of Carolyn’s snow pictures. I have edited this one a lot. The plain white sky was a bit much and although the tree is in the foreground, it didn’t seem to have much depth. What I did like was the pattern the tree made against the sky and so I tried to make that more prominent. Then shading around the corners is called vignetting, there are 10 different setting in PhotoScape. By combining different things in PhotoScape with a photo that is unique, you can develop a work of art.

a tree 2

I can’t remember when or where I took this picture, but it is a similar picture. It has some depth, but not as much as the picture with the narrowboats. I like the colours that the really bright sunlight gave.


I like to do unusual things and this is unusual. I spotted these two guys looking like they were guarding a recycling yard opposite the cemetery. I got some really usual pictures that day! I used PhotoScape to convert this to a pencil drawing and made it monochrome. I also added that frame which sort of makes it look like you are viewing them through a periscope!

I hope you liked today’s pictures. Please share your thoughts in the comments box. Incidentally,  the email address for the site hasn’t worked for the past week. It’s fixed now! I have also had a go at making the site load faster.

2 Responses

  1. Wow, Mike! You have a great eye and a wonderfully creative imagination! Thank you for using my snow pictures. You said precisely what I like about that tree, the maze of branches against the sky.

    My favorite picture this week is the top one. Perhaps because it reminds me of the lovely canals in England. Your edits give that image a magical quality.

    The pencil drawing shot was very cool too. I love how you used the periscope frame!

    February 26, 2013 at 14:25

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I did a watercolour version of the snow picture too, but went with the bloom one in the end. It is always a good idea when taking photos to look for patterns, it could the leaves of a tree, bricks on a building or sometimes ornate ironwork. I like patterns and when you can get a pattern in the foreground it often looks good and makes the scenes. The branches of the tree in the first picture gives it depth and makes it more interesting. That wasn’t an easy shot through a chain link fence.

    I remembered where that tree was fourth picture.It was in the cemetery, just beyond that fence is the canal!I was exploring and thought the tree looked good in the sunshine! 🙂

    February 26, 2013 at 14:37

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