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Neodigital Art | Autumn trees


I saw this tree at the side of the lake, it’s leaves golden in the bright sunlight. I took a few shots, but I think this one is more interesting. The tree is still in the centre of the picture, but contrasts against the others.


This was taken at the same time, but into the sun. The light will go through the leaves when they are yellow in Autumn.


I took lots of shots of this tree, but I got too close and the tree dominated the picture. This one is the best, you can see the whole autumn scene. The trees are beautiful colours now and I was quite surprised. You can see the leaves under this tree, it won’t hold those leaves for long.

Wonder of Tech

Carolyn over at Wonder of Tech sent me this picture, taken with a Windows 8 Nokia camera phone. I think it would have been better taken from farther away. I edited to add contrast and the colours are more vibrant now. The tree dominates the picture and I think it could have been used to give depth to the whole picture. The red is different to the yellows in my pictures, because it absorbs much more light. Different colours reflect light and heat differently. In physics at school we stuck matchsticks to different colours with wax. The wax on the darker colours melted first from the heat; yellow and then white were last.

WODEN mono

When I do a picture that I think is good enough for an exhibition, I add it to a folder that feeds my screen saver. This is my latest addition. If you would like to learn about the editing, check out my blog on WordPress today.  Please comment if you like anything you’ve seen today. If you double click that last picture, you get the large version, you can right click and save. Do a print out to frame. That is art!

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