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Neodigital Art: canals

2 art canal resize

Neodigital Art is about taking images and editing them to create something different. I took this photograph yesterday. I often add a white border, but here it’s more grey and just on the sides. The picture was very dark on the left side, so it makes it a little better. It was unfortunate that someone dumped rubbish in the canal, but that’s hardly noticeable.

art edit resized

On this edit I muted the colours a little with colorize. The picture has more depth, because I zoomed out more. I’m actually looking for images to enter in a calendar competition. Most of the entries are summer pictures and so they obviously want winter pictures which is a lot more challenging because the light isn’t so good most of the time.

Canal bridge resized

This view was really good, but it was into the sun. I tried to cut down the light going into the camera by using a bridge to put the camera in the shade. It still adjusted to the bright light and increased the speed. In editing I make the picture a lot lighter. Again we have rubbish dumped in the water, but the subject of the picture, the canal bridge, looks interesting. One day when it’s not so cold I intend to walk down there and take some shots in the opposite direction. There are more interesting bridges there too, including one taking the river under the canal.

You have to use images of whatever you have that is interesting. I have the river, some lakes and the canals. Then see what you can do with the images in editing. I used Windows photo gallery and PhotoScape to edit these images.

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