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Neodigital Art: Christmas Images

Merry Xmas sepia

I have begun with a Christmas image today, being as it’s Christmas Eve. Winter is just beginning and I will probably be taking pictures of snow in a few weeks time. I took this one last year of the local church and I edited out a lamp post that was in the way! Then I added the text in PhotoScape.

Merry X edit

This is the same picture but I did the edit differently to make it suitable for the header on my Facebook Timeline. You can keep experimenting until you get the image that you want.

I took this picture in bright sunshine and then edited it to make it look like the house was covered in snow. I took this photo out of the window when I was experimenting with settings on my camera. The first two pictures were taken about a yard from my front door, so you don’t always have to go far to get a good shot!

Tram Image

I shot this image on the station of the Metro and then changed it to sepia and made it very light. You can hardly see the image. Why?

Christmas tree certificate

It was to make a fun certificate! You can add more text to say who the certificate was awarded to and think of all kinds of fun awards to give to people at Christmas. Just print them out and frame them in a cheap frame. They make a great personalised Christmas gift.

That’s all for today, have a great Christmas! You can comment or follow me on Twitter over Christmas.

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