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Neodigital Art | Colours


This is my photograph taken in Merrion’s Wood last year and was in the finals of a photography contest. I got a certificate from the mayor! You can see that the picture was all green, but the light shining through the trees reflected the different shades of green. The water was still and undisturbed which made the picture fairly unique. I used to Fotosketcher to turn this picture into a watercolour.

enchanted watercolour

The differences between the lighter and darker shades of green are now more pronounced. The lighter shades reflected more light. The changing seasons means that although we have more light in summer, when it’s not dark and raining; we do have darker colours. These dark greens of summer reflect less light and so we often need quite bright sunshine for some shots. I would enter both of these pictures in an exhibition.

Sandwell Valley and Milky 010

In this picture of the Milky pool you can see the remnants of winter colour, but it now has  a lot of dark green. The dark green also affects the colour of the water as does the cloudy sky.

Wednesbury-Ridgeacre-park 121

This picture contrasts sharply with the previous one, all the colours are different and the light was poor. Despite the poor light, the lighter colours reflected more light and so the picture works. This was taken in March of this year, it amazing the difference a couple of months makes. The rain probably helped too!

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