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Neodigital Art | Creating art with editing



I took this photo in June and I’ve edited it a few times. This picture has been popular but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. If you take the picture at a high resolution then you can crop just a small part of it and still have a good picture. I cropped the poppies on the left. I’m still working on that picture.

Fire station

fire station art

I did a lot of editing on this picture of the Fire Station. I think it’s quite artistic! I cropped this one to try to highlight the building.



This was a nice macro shot of a flower and I edited a lot adding a frame and some corner decoration. You can experiment with different shots and different editing until you get a picture that you like.

Macro shot


This macro shot is interesting, that flower was tiny. I made just the flower lighter with the ‘bloom’ option in PhotoScape. I don’t think the corner decoration added to this picture, it seems a distraction.

Greetings card picture


I suppose this picture would be good for a birthday card. When you are taking some shots you can leave room at the bottom for a message and then make a greetings that can be emailed.

To shoot flowers like these, you can use the macro setting on your camera (it looks like a flower) or set it on A for aperture and then use a low F stop which gives a wide aperture.

I’ve shown you some different ideas today. Which one do you like best? I think I like the fire station! Please comment and have your say in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

3 Responses

  1. Hi MIke, Love, love, love the edits! Each one is cool, though I found the frames a bit distracting. The photography and the edits are so skilled, I didn’t want anything taking my attention away.

    The way the fire station photo is shadowed to highlight the building is very cool. But I have to say that the poppies image is my favorite this week. The poppies seem dreamlike the way you edited them. Your pictures are the most powerful to me when they evoke a mood and the poppies picture does that intensely.

    What is especially impressive about the poppies picture is that it seems uniquely creative. Since The Wizard of Oz, poppies in a dreamlike state has become a popular theme. Yet your image stands on its own in its originality.

    I have an editing question for you. If you’ve ever seen Trey Ratliff’s photos, he has a very cool editing technique that transforms his images. Do you know what he does to edit his photos? He titles them HDR, but I’m thinking there is something special he does to them.

    September 26, 2013 at 13:09

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I just looked at some of Trey Ratliff’s pictures. I like some of them, HDR seems to be suited to buildings and sometimes vehicles. I’ve seen some great pictures of the interior of churches done using HDR for example. I’m not a great fan though. You have to take several pictures and usually use a tripod. HDR is also combined with other editing. My fire station picture as a lot of editing. I use some vignette to get that effect. I just spotted an Android app that you could try for vignette!

    I can imagine that inspiring a whole Wonder of Tech post!

    You actually inspired the poppies picture and I cropped that picture so I was left with just a few poppies and then did 4 edits and asked my art group which was best. One of them was then used to begin an article for a new Arts Magazine. You said something about a picture for a summer exhibition needing to be brighter and colourful. I thought of the poppies and started editing it again. They were growing wild on a depressing demolition site!

    I think frames work sometimes, but not on my blog. I don’t think I’ll use the corner decoration again either. I like simplicity!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I always listen to what people like. I write for my readers and take pictures for my viewers!

    September 27, 2013 at 10:17

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