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Neodigital Art: Different styles

1 sunset 2

I was very creative last week, but all I have done to this image of a sunset is make it a little darker, add contrast and crop it at the bottom. I also added the border, which I don’t usually do, but I think it works for this image.

1 railway track 2

We found this abandoned railway track on Sunday. It ran through industry and so the soil is poor and polluted. To get better colours, I edited the picture to add warmth and contrast.

1 Tipton canal

Before the railways came to the Black Country, our ancestors built the canals to transport the goods to the world. They are still used today, for leisure.

1 Tipton Art 3

Sometimes the past meets the future. This futuristic looking building now overlooks the canal. With a little editing the shot gives us an unusual and artistic image.

1 metro in station

This modern shot looks quite artistic too and I just added a little contrast. This was taken quite late at night. Shots taken when there were a sunset didn’t turn out so good and had more noise. I used the ‘sports’ setting for this shot and so it was quite a fast speed.

I’ve used the old and the new this week. Which one do you like best? Please leave a comment and like or share on Facebook. I need more readers! You can also follow me on Twitter.

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