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Neodigital Art | Down the river


I used photographs of the river Tame last week, those were a little more scenic. This one is a bridge over the river closer to my home. Most people can find something to photograph on their own doorstep. This photo isn’t great, but the subject is the bridge and so I tried to get that in the centre, simply because my camera tends to focus better in the centre.

Sandwell 008

This is a wider stretch of the river about 4 miles away. This is taken from a bridleway and I wasn’t happy with this picture. There appears to be a tree in the river! Sandwell 010

This is virtually the same shot, but I stepped back a little and leaned over the fence to try to get more of the river going into the distance and I got a tree in the foreground. I think it’s a much better shot, it’s more interesting and has more depth.

Sandwell 022

This photograph of the bridleway at the side of the river would be boring if it wasn’t for the bench. The bench is the subject and the path going away from us gives the photograph depth.


This picture was a little bit experimental. I had more light reflecting off the trees in the foreground in the next picture. It sort of works against a black background, because the foreground of the photo blends in with the background of the page.

I’ve had a rotten cold this week and so I didn’t take many new pictures. I didn’t want to go very far when I did go out either. There is always something to take photos of though, even when you can’t go out. I have done some food photography too.

If you would like to have a go at doing a photo blog, please get in touch. I have guest writers too, who want to gain some experience of writing articles. This site can do just about any subject associated loosely with ideas.

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