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fish and Chip shop

I had problems taking this picture and had to compromise. I only got the art work to the right of the little shop. I decided to crop it and change it to grey scale and add some vignette. When you add vignette in PhotoScape, you have 10 different ones to choose from. I think I chose number 9 for this picture. 

The night road

This is quite a moody edit. The picture was taken on a sunny afternoon, but I have made it look like night. I used colorize to add a lot of green, then the vignette to the corners and then made the centre of the image lighter with bloom; that was feathered to blend in with the rest of the image. Finally, I added some text. It’s made for an interesting image that could be used for the opening sequence of a movie or the cover of a book.

Brunswick Park EDIT

You can combine images in PhotoScape. I took some images of the local park and combined them into one image. Saved the image and then opened it again in edit and added the text. An image like this could be used for a postcard or a leaflet advertising a venue. The image creates an impression. Who wouldn’t want to walk around Brunswick Park on a sunny afternoon? 

Poppies in a Field 2-horz 2

Here I took four images and did different edits then combined them so I could judge which one to use in an article. Then I did different versions of this image. I made this one lighter to get an effect similar to a watercolour. I think the poppies need to contrast against the background. They need to be the focal point of the image too and so the text in the first image tends to detracts from that. I like all of them!

Darlo Town Hall

This is Darlaston town hall. I edited out a keep left sign, changed it to grey scale and then made it lighter. It looks quite Victorian and so it’s appropriate for a Victorian building.

I’ve given you some ideas for artistic editing this week. Which edit do you like best? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also subscribe or follow me on Twitter for updates. Double click the images for a better view…

3 Responses

  1. Hi Mike, Very interesting edits! The top one is very interesting and really looks old. The second one could be a scene for a horror film. How interesting that it was taken on a sunny summer day!

    I thought about a postcard with the Brunswick Park collage. Very creative!

    The poppy ones are cool but I still like the poppy edited photo from last week.

    The last one is the perfect edit for that photo! The pencil drawing works very well with the building.

    My favorite? A really tough call between Night Road and the top one. I have to say the top one because it is truly unique, both in subject and creative editing.

    October 2, 2013 at 16:38

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I think the first one could be suitable for an exhibition. I did another edit on the poppies and that might be suitable for a summer exhibition. The big arts centre is closing down so it won’t be their summer exhibition. I might be writing for a London gallery though, so I’ll try to prepare a picture! I want to have one printed and framed as an example anyway. I think I am developing different styles that are interesting and finding ways to use different editing techniques to do something unique.

    Thanks for popping in, people will be investing in my pictures one day!

    October 2, 2013 at 23:04

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