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Neodigital Art: Editing for Art

1- WEST BROM Library edit 1

When the weather is bad, I stay in and edit my images to produce something artistic. Last week I took this photo in the sunshine and this week I tried some different editing. Editing in PhotoScape isn’t difficult, but you learn how different things work with experience.

3 costa edit

Even photographs of modern buildings look interesting with a little editing. I wonder if Costa need some art to hang in their coffee houses? Turn them into mini art galleries and people might go in to look at the art…

a bescot sidings

Even industrial pictures can be made to look quite artistic, with the right colorize edit and frame. This was a terrible photograph, originally.

Park shelter

I took this photo with my Fuji some time ago and tried an artistic edit that seems to work. The shelter has been vandalised since then and I think the last attack burnt it down.


This wasn’t an easy shot! That’s my Nikon D3200 on the left and the Fujifilm S5600 on the right. The Nikon being a DSLR is much bigger. The Fuji has the better zoom and it’s electronic, just press buttons on the rear of the camera. You turn the lens on the Nikon to zoom in. The dials on both cameras give you different settings. For many shots, auto is good enough. You also have a setting for landscapes, a macro setting and so on. With both cameras if you select shutter priority or aperture priority then you have more settings to choose from and you have more manual control. You can then set white balance, decide on aperture and set the ISO for different light. Last week, it was sunny so I had a higher ISO setting and the white balance was set for sunshine. The apertures were mostly narrow to give me depth of field in my landscape shots. Using the aperture priority setting potentially gives better shots, but more can go wrong.  I took this shot of the cameras with my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. Both cameras will take filters, but the ones for the Nikon tend to be cheaper. The Nikon will take different lenses and there is a speedlite shoe for an external flash. The Nikon takes photos at 300 dpi for better resolution; the Fuji at 72 dpi, 

One last image:

Merry Xmas 4

Can you edit a picture to send to friends at Christmas or put on Facebook to wish your friends a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year?

What do you think? Do you like today’s edits? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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