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Neodigital Art | Editing landscapes.


I start each blog with a photo and I used this one yesterday. I edited it with Windows Live photo gallery. The sun came out for this one and the blue sky is reflected on the water. The aperture was narrow, so good depth of field, but it wasn’t so good before editing.


This is the original. All I did to improve it was to add highlights and contrast.


I did this edit with PhotoScape and it was a similar edit, adding contrast, but the result is different.


Finally, I have used the colorize option in PhotoScape for this picture. I think this picture looks more like winter. I still prefer the first edit though. Which one do you like best?

My New Year has begun with sunshine and blue sky. I might be able to take a few photos today. I also have some writers interested in doing guest blogs, so it could be a more interesting year ahead. I hope everyone has a better year in 2013.

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