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Neodigital Art | Editing techniques

Watercolour  Canal at College fields

I used Fotosketcher to turn this photo into a ‘watercolour’. First however, I edited with Windows Live gallery and touched the picture up removing goal posts on the field and a sign. I like it!

Industrial landscape

I took this after the rain and so it’s quite atmospheric. It’s a demolition site and a nice example of a post industrial landscape. I think the silhouette of the church really makes the picture.  I use the vintage option in Fotosketcher to get the appearance of an old picture.

steps vintage

I have used the vintage option in Fotosketcher again on this photograph of some steps leading up from the canal. This is near Moorcroft Wood.

watercolour of the Milky

This is the ‘watercolour’ option in Fotosketcher again and an interesting picture of the Milky Pool. I think the different colours came across well in this picture.

Taka Trail, to Illracombe Sat 26.05.2012 (10)

Simon James took this picture and I didn’t edit it at all hardly. The sky looked white with a little blue, when I added highlights the tree became more of a silhouette and the sky had  a little more blue. You can do interesting things with software, but some shots are better left alone.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s pictures. There are more amazing blogs on the Home Page.

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