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Neodigital Art | Editing Victorian buildings

White Hart 2

White Hart, Walsall

Neodigital Art is about creating art using digital cameras and scanners. I went out to take some photos of buildings on Sunday and this was one of the more interesting and historic ones. It not only led me to do some research into it’s history, but even had me researching my own family tree more.

I tried a few different edits, I quite like this one done with PhotoScape:


I had a lot of problems taking the pictures with people walking past, lots of cars because it was a busy junction.  I cropped with to try to remove obvious thing like lamp posts. I even managed to get rid of the telephone cable.

artistic in grey scale

I like both of them. I think the first one looks like a watercolour and this one like a charcoal drawing. The light wasn’t very good and I took a lot of shots, I used auto, landscape and then lots on aperture priority with different stops. Mostly with  quite narrow apertures, but they produced very dark pictures. 

Darlo Town Hall

This edit is of Darlaston Town Hall. I zoomed in using PhotoScape and took out a few modern signs and a keep left sign. It looks quite artistic now.

Darlo Town Hall antique

You can use the ‘antique’ option in PhotoScape to make it look really old. That can be fun, but not very artistic…

Darlaston Town Hall 2013

This is Darlaston town hall from another angle. It seems to have weird angles all of it’s own. Even the lamp posts are leaning! It makes it hard to see when the picture is straight in editing. Buildings often seem to be leaning when they aren’t. What do you think? You do have a favourite picture? Please use the comments box to share your thoughts. You can also subscribe or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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